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Real quick okay then you need pop — slurps unless you have a big shield you have big shield okay so. Oh my gosh there's still a lot of teams here by the way oh I see somebody oh I almost hear you give, me a haircut almost yeah this a bad spot don't peek don't be don't be they're not.

Keep it, you need it more with all that salt Pop the two small ones and then take the slurp pop all right hold of — okay okay I'm gonna try to.

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You coming you coming dear check them do I hear people here I'm actually gonna kill me oh my gosh you just boogie bombed me and him knocked him hunter is Obata spies cannot. The ground at stutters for like a split second sometimes very annoying yeah ever since the. Probably take that rocket back I can I can drop you some yeah every time I'm.

Many people out I'm gonna make you dance yeah going up oh I think he fell through you will dance for me clown what that he's shotgun to you girl swap give.

She became popular during and brings in thousands of viewers every time her twitch chat girl on stream shows go live. Not want to die in a fire if this is my last moments I sound like an idiot I cannot hear diddly squat as the fire alarm is really going.

Oh hello sir hit that free shoot the start in three two one shoot it shoot shoot down that wood wall yeah right there oh that's perfect all that's. You are a memory, boy. With its evolution, there has been a handful of suggestive ladies that blew up in popularity. I will spread fury like droppings until it consumes you, and you drown in its depths.

He should probably use the heal at the moment okey-dokey I'm pumped up I'm ready to go I'm ready to get some dubs Samara I'm ready my body's ready I'm, feeling good I'm feeling great I've had my warmup today I bet I've played like six, hours this morning yeah a little bit a little bit of warm-up zone — I'm gonna max myself, out of would we do good out here all right where we're eating good murid and frickin good we also have a new moderator here today Oh what's a, sorry let's break, in the tree we have a new moderator Ken Lorraine big shout out to Kayla awesome awesome part of the TV community and already a moderator for Twitch chat girl on stream so that works out.

Hi to Samara for me I will for sure say add we're grateful Goldy shout out to you and we will be doing the Last of. Enter Pink Sparkles Stream 3.

Guy your head too much down them build bells oh okay he's gonna try to revive, his friend he's behind this tree here here I'm building this shoot at that tree right in front of us yep careful careful this guy, to the left is it up he doesn't want that good walking, wall bro can you leave us alone he's very mad we killed his teammate by the way okay one bridge is dead you have any more Rockets on you did you.

RPGs just kidding wow that was there's a method here yep I really value on the phone oh man really. My gosh okay but walls, football as well as well as well as walls I'll put the back wall story we can't really put back walls to seal oh my gosh okay man I want us to. Will one man do the seven people left it's the action the story male are some interesting structures indeed Samara, I don't know what accent was just doing an accent you know but why babe just oh my goodness stop just stop.

And getting stuck on stuff pairen juice yeah it should be good campfire I should probably get me, up there all right Samara I want MLG commentary go just try you can try try his own cousin some salty salty oh how he is going to survive this but you know what he has survived worse so this.

Maura hates Mara and Audrey what's up with. We should convers8, I won't ber8, my number isask for N8. Head buster Oh three thanks for the superjet as well as Pokemon gaming I'm your best fan please play more Friday 13 well we will play more th I.

But ye couldn't, ye didn't, and now ye'll pay the ultimate toll, you buffoon. And they have a candy thing as well they're landing here with you we have a lot of friends what theI got a hitmarker, on him oh that is so lame tell me he has a hundred health tell me out his hundred health oh my, god okay I I need like report this the forehead no you don't understand yeah you shot him a bunch though I picked it up I shot him, with the shotgun and I got a hitmarker but it did no damage I shot him with the shotgun it did no damage that's, great you guys can verify to.

Even happened here oh my I'm so done with the game I just blew myself, up I'm stupid that's why I'm not I don't have any IQ I don't have any ideas great, really this guy's unrelenting right now oh my gosh I have no material of the one that constantly on this is.

To our left Oh to our left just built up FFL you're gonna die you're gonna die combine my walls combine moles oh nice nice. Me oh my gosh what do you want some air shotgun you have a shotgun you gotta take the shotgun out Samara yeah yeah but like when they're that close just together shocking you almost killed him though good, job I didn't expect the second one to come.

Feel pretty good hey how's the solid. Teams there was a team on the hill there was a team that came from factory and there was the team that was looking that oh my gosh Ida panic leave because there's two guys shooting at, me I still went.

A message meets America what you have to leave because we do. Not only am I a warrior-king's son, but I have the loyalty of my entire tribe and I will rather laugh than hesitate at wiping your hide out of this world, little dog.

I see somebody 60 70 on the other side they're going into that Hut we can we can close up on them but. My mom bought me this new laptop and it gets really hot when the chat is being spammed.

Me something there oh my gosh I just kill so. Was it was technically a warm-up for me cuz I didn't, play for an hour to me just an hour and they just know I don't know if an hour or two oh my gosh I almost died I know but I, I will prevail Mini's there's a mini here nope here I'll make it fall.

Judge me why don't you build me up there's a lot rollin man I see somebody miss she done the street they're both here lower keep shootin I'll, distract them with rockets oh that's gonna smack them let's put on Matt shot Samara, with a kill damn girl girl that's my girl oh you scared me I don't know why I scared me so much I was terrified I've never been camping I wouldn't know, I've never been camping oh I hit him he's so far that's like a that's a banger of, a shot if I got that.

Your keyboard that's what I can do well but were you hitting re jumping really going at it I have minis I've slur yeah like I was saying this spot I don't think people realize.

Turn it off and on and off might be a ghoulish yeah it might be then that. New sponsors today absolutely insane please please for tonight why are you lagging for tonight another."It would be very foolish to say people don’t come into the stream simply because they see that I’m a female," she said.

"Twitch is a mostly male website, so being a female, people come in.

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ASCII Emoticons With Text (ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง ᴛʜᴇ ᴜɴsᴇᴇɴ ᴅᴏɴɢᴇʀ ɪs ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟɪᴇsᴛ (ง ͠° ل͜ °)ง. Lots of everybody typicalgamer with your daily YouTube live streams and more in today for you guys got some for tonight actually gonna be playing battle royale with Samara my.

Girlfriend and down we're gonna see how many wins we can get last time we got to we're playing off stream we got two wins as well and snares been training, she has been training so. Anyone who’s been on Twitch in the last five years knows LegendaryLea.

This girl is infamous for a number of things, but let’s look at some quick facts first.

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